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General Meeting 6/11/2021

Meeting open 10:00am

Attendance: Darren Kassis, Geoff Kelleher, Damian Quain, Kevan Brake, Peter Bacon, Enrique Ramos, John Watts, Rod Gilzean, Bob Williams, Wayne Edworthy, John Livingstone, Samuel Melham, Trent Glynn, Perry Kingi.

Apologies: Wayne Hampton, David Maytom, Brett Gilzean, John Glynn.

General business:

  1. Geoff announced that the Presentation Night has been postponed until early next year.
  1. All Members were reminded of the importance of replying to emails sent out about game information and organisation.
  1. Christmas Funday has been confirmed to be played on 18/12/2021
  1. Club Championships will be played as follows

– 20-11-2021 -> Round 1

– 27-11-2021 -> Round 2

– 04-12-2021 -> Round 3 & December Medal

– 11-12-2021 -> Round 4

  1. Player of the year competition will finish on 18/12/2021
  1. No game will be help on Christmas Day 25/12/2021
  1. Due to Covid regulations we have not been able to host a meeting for some time. So we took the opportunity to congratulate Samuel Melham on his Hole in One on the 10th hole 12/6/2021
  1. Rodney Gilzean is moving away and won’t be able to be with us every week. We still look forward to him visiting and playing a round with us when he can. On behalf of all club members, Darren Kassis thanked Rod for all the help He has provided over the years. It’s been a pleasure playing golf and socialising with Rod and it’s a shame to have him move away but we wish him the best of luck in the future and welcome him back anytime he is free.
  1. Geoff announced that at the next General Meeting we will be casting our vote on the much discussed matter “Can we play in groups of 2, if so when” members will vote to determine the answer moving forward.

BBQ Clean up volunteers for December BBQ: Kevan Brake & John Livingstone.

Meeting closed 10:40am



General Meeting 5/6/2021

Meeting open 10:30am

Attendance: Darren Kassis, Geoffrey Kelleher, Peter Bacon, Kevan Brake, Brett Gilzean, John Glynn, Trent Glynn, Perry Kingi, John Livingstone, Samuel Melham, Enrique Ramos, John Watts.

Apologies: Wayne Edworthy, Kenny Ibbett, Wayne Hampton & Damian Quain

Geoffrey Kelleher addressed an issue that arose on the 22/5/21. Involving Damian Quain & Wayne Edworthy, in that 2 members can not play alone in a championship event.

Previous examples & stories were told by Geoffrey Kelleher that explained why the rule was put into place. The previous incidents that were discussed were about 2 former members who had played at a later time than all the members in a team event but had a marker with them for the back nine and were believed to have cheated. The other was about an incident involving Damian Quain & James English  and due to the fact that Damian would not speak against James (his so called friend) at the meeting with the Committee the result of the inquiry went against Damian even though we all felt it should have gone the other way.

Before the meeting was closed it was moved that under no circumstances would we ever change any

Championship round again, that they would be played under the rules as they stand and at the time and day appointed.

Once completed Peter Bacon said that he completely understands and agrees with the decisions made and understands why the rules were put in place, as he was a member when the instances Geoffrey referred to, initially happened.

Unfortunately Damian Quain & Wayne Edworthy had prior commitments that meant they were unable to play the round in a group of 4 as that would make them late for their other commitments.

We just like to point out that the decision to not allow them to play as a group of 2 was solely following the rules that have been established in the past and in no way is a reflection of mistrust. We believe all members can be trusted and don’t believe anyone would cheat.

We apologise to Damian and Wayne, that this unfortunately resulted in them missing out on playing the championship.

Members may seek approval to play a round under special arrangements, but there is no guarantee that this will be allowed due to the problems that follow.

Geoffrey Kelleher explained that any member who is not happy about a decision concerning their game either before they play or during the game are entitled to “play under protest” this means that they will still score their round and at completion will approach Darren Kassis (Club Secretary) or Geoffrey Kelleher (Club Captain) and the matter will be brought to the committee and a formal decision will be made.

John Livingstone & John Watts volunteered for bbq clean up for July monthly medal.

Meeting closed 10:55am



General Meeting 1/5/2021

Meeting open 10:40am

Present : Darren Kassis, Geoffrey Kelleher, Damian Quain, Kevan Brake, Trent Glynn, Samuel Melham, Peter Bacon, John Glynn, John Livingstone, Enrique Ramos, Perry Kingi, Rodney Gilzean, Trevor Carr, Terry Joachim, Kennith Ibbett, John Watts, Bob Williams, David Maytom & Brett Gilzean

Apologies :

General business

Peter Bacon proposed that preferred lies be revoked. Majority vote carried the motion. From the 8/5/2021 until further notice there will be no more preferred lies.



General Meeting 3/4/2021

Meeting open 10:40am

Present : Darren Kassis, Geoffrey Kelleher, Wayne Hampton, Kevan Brake, Trent Glynn, Samuel Melham, Peter Bacon, John Livingstone, Enrique Ramos, Rodney Gilzean & Terry Joachim

Apologies : Damian Quain, David Maytom & Brett Gilzean

General business

Kevan Brake suggested the scourers be washed not thrown away.

Geoffrey Kelleher proposed getting card holders with official Sefton GC insignia printed on them. The motion was carried by majority vote. None opposed.

Meeting Closed 11:00am






APOLOGIES: Robert Williams & David Maytom

ADOPTION OF MINUTES 2020 AGM: Moved by: Kevan Brake. Seconded by: Rod Gilzean — Carried

PRESIDENTS REPORT: Moved by: John Livingston. Seconded by: Kevan Brake — Accepted

SECRETARY`S REPORT: Moved by: Kevan Brake.  Seconded by: John Watts — Accepted

TREASURER`S REPORT: Moved by: Kevan Brake. Seconded by: Rodney Gilzean — Accepted

CAPTAIN`S REPORT:   Moved by: Darren Kassis. Seconded by: Terry Joachim —Accepted


NOMINATIONS FOR PRESIDENT: Damian Quain. Proposed by Rodney Gilzean. Seconded by Geoffrey Kelleher. Damian Quain accepted and was elected unopposed

NOMINATIONS FOR SECRETARY: Darren Kassis. Proposed by Rodney Gilzean. Seconded by Geoffrey Kelleher. David Maytom was proposed by John Watts but Declined to run against Darren Kassis.
Darren Kassis accepted and was elected Club Secretary.

NOMINATIONS FOR ASST.SECRETARY: Brett Gilzean. Proposed by Darren Kassis. Seconded by Geoffrey Kelleher. Brett Gilzean accepted and was elected unopposed

NOMINATIONS FOR TREASURER: Geoffrey Kelleher. Proposed by Wayne Hampton. Seconded by Darren Kassis. Geoffrey Kelleher accepted and was elected unopposed

NOMINATIONS FOR CAPTAIN: Geoffrey Kelleher. Proposed by Douglas Hampton. Seconded by Darren Kassis. Geoffrey Kelleher accepted and was elected unopposed

NOMINATIONS FOR VICE CAPTAIN: Wayne Hampton. Proposed by Jack Hampton. Seconded by  Geoff Kelleher. accepted and was elected unopposed

NOMINATIONS FOR SCORECARD SCRUTINEER: Darren Kassis was Elected unopposed

NOMINATIONS FOR CATERER: Peter Bacon. Proposed by Darren Kassis. Seconded by Kevan Brake. Peter Bacon accepted and was elected unopposed

NOMINATIONS FOR GENERAL COMMITTEE: Kevan Brake, Trent Glynn, John Livingstone, Samuel Melham, David Maytom & Enrique Ramos. All accepted and were elected.



Club Treasurer Geoffrey Kelleher nominated the new Club Secretary Darren Kassis be added as signatory on the club bank account. The Committee voted unanimously to adopt this motion. The club Secretary Darren Kassis will now be added as joint signatory on the account.


1. Geoffrey Kelleher proposed that the requirement of life members not needing to pay fees be adjusted to them paying 60% of the due fee.  Motion was carried Unanimously 

2. Geoffrey Kelleher proposed that with council fees increasing that green fees be increased to $30 (this includes the mandatory money hole) Motion was carried Unanimously

3. Fees and subscriptions will be updated in the Club Constitution Page 7   10.1   10.2   10.2.1  stating subscription in currently $300

4. Office bearers will be updated in the Club Constitution Page 9   14.2  adding the positions of Vice Captain & Assistant Secretary.

5. Change to draw. At the 2020 presentation night. Darren Kassis proposed to move the date of the Daisy Duck Memorial Day earlier so trophies can be ready for the presentation night. Motion was carried Unanimously

6. Maximum daily handicap was readdressed and it was proposed that the maximum daily handicap be made 36. This however is not possible due to The maximum GA Handicap under the WHS is 54.0 for both men and women which equates to 33 Daily Handicap.

7. Use of carts in Championship. This matter was readdressed and as it is not an official rule of golf. The committee decided unanimously that members do not require a doctors certificate to use a golf cart in Championship rounds.

8. Douglas Hampton (aka Jack) was inducted as a life member of Sefton Golf Club. Jack has been a long standing and greatly respected member, we were sad to see him retire but look forward to seeing him at all functions.

9. Terry Joachim expressed his gratitude to Darren Kassis for having results promptly on the website each Saturday morning. Terry was away due to health issues and said being able to see the results quickly was very appreciated.

10. At a previous meeting held on (27/4/2019) Darren Kassis proposed a clean up roster, after much discussion it was decided this would not work. The matter was readdressed and agreed to try it and see the outcome. With Kevan Brake generously volunteering to be on cleanup duty on a permanent basis. However we would still greatly appreciate members putting their hand up and volunteering to help out.





PRESENT: P Bacon, K Brake, T Carr, W Edworthy, B Gilzean, R Gilzean, J Glynn, W Hampton, D Kassis, G Kelleher, M Khoury, P Kingi, J Livingstone, D Maytom, S Melham, D Quain, E Ramos, J Watts, B Williams

GENERAL BUSINESS: Geoff  announced to the Members that Jack Hampton has retired from active golf. As a result of this Geoff moved to award Jack a Life Membership in recognition of his many years of loyal service to our Club. It was seconded by Darren and passed unanimously by the Members.




Meeting Open  10.00

PRESENT:  Geoff Kelleher, Kevan Brake, Enrique Ramos, Darren Kassis, Bob Williams, John  Livingstone, Rod Gilzean

APOLOGIES:  Peter Bacon, Damian Quain, David Maytom

This meeting is the first this year due to Covid 19 restrictions.

REPORTS: ​Geoff reported as a result of Covid the club`s income has suffered a reduction. The reduced income is not dire but noticeable. The Presentation Night will still proceed ( at this stage ) with reduced numbers, 30 max. It will be held in a different room and meals will be ordered and served at the table ( no buffet ). The Christmas Fun Day will go ahead as per normal.

As there was no further business,

Meeting closed at 10.35






APOLOGIES: Peter Bacon, Douglas Hampton, Wayne Hampton, Ken Ibbett, John Watts, Trevor Carr

ADOPTION OF MINUTES 2019 AGM: Moved by: Rod Gilzean. Seconded by: Kevan Brake — Carried

PRESIDENTS REPORT: Moved by: Dave Maytom   Seconded by: Darren Kassis — Accepted

SECRETARY`S REPORT: Moved by :   Kevan Brake   Seconded by: John Livingstone — Accepted

TREASURER`S REPORT: Moved by : Rod Gilzean     Seconded by: Damian Quain — Accepted

CAPTAIN`S REPORT:   Moved by: Damian Quain       Seconded by: Dave Maytom —Accepted


NOMINATIONS FOR PRESIDENT: Damian Quain, proposed by Peter Bacon… Elected unopposed

NOMINATIONS FOR SECRETARY: Rod Gilzean, proposed by Geoff Kelleher… Elected unopposed

NOMINATIONS FOR ASST.SECRETARY: Bob Williams, proposed by Rod Gilzean… Elected unopposed

NOMINATIONS FOR TREASURER: Geoff Kelleher, proposed by Rod Gilzean… Elected unopposed

NOMINATIONS FOR CLUB CAPTAIN: Geoff Kelleher, proposed by Douglas Hampton… Elected unopposed

NOMINATIONS FOR VICE CAPTAIN: Wayne Hampton, proposed by Douglas Hampton… Elected unopposed

NOMINATIONS FOR SCORECARD SCRUTINEERS: Dave Maytom and Bob WilliamsElected unopposed

NOMINATIONS FOR CATERER: Peter Bacon, proposed by Geoff Kelleher… Elected unopposed

NOMINATIONS FOR GENERAL COMMITTEE: Darren Kassis, Henry Ramos, Kevan Brake and John Livingstone… All elected unopposed

GENERAL BUSINESS: 1- Rod Gilzean proposed the Club purchase new shirts for members this year. Seconded by Bob Williams… Carried unanimously

2- Rod Gilzean proposed a discussion and final decision be made regarding the teeing ground for NTP`s and Money Hole during Match Play and players in non Match Play competition… After much discussion it was agreed the Money Hole to be played off the back plates and NTP`s to be played off the tee markers on the day.





Meeting open 10.35

Attendance: Geoff Kelleher, Bob Williams, Henry Ramos, Peter Bacon, Damian Quain, Kevan Brake, Rod Gilzean

Apologies: Dave Maytom

Reports: Geoff advised the Club`s financial position at the end of 2019 was $7000
Geoff also advised after consultation with committee members, a donation of $300 was made to the recent Bushfire Appeal.

General Business: With recent changes to the Handicapping System, Bob asked what would now be the maximum handicap for “B” grade ? After some discussion it was decided 33 would be the new maximum h-cap for “B” grade. (This was readdressed at the AGM on 6/3/2021, due to The maximum GA Handicap under the WHS is 54.0 for both men and women which equates to 33 Daily Handicap.)
Bob also asked about new club shirts. This was deferred to the upcoming AGM.
Bob suggested , also, members be reminded of the relief taken from GUR, notably from the swale across the 1st and 10th fairway. A ball can be dropped at the nearest point of relief, no nearer the hole.
Again, with the new rules, if you are OOB you may play from the point of OOB but you incur a 2 stroke penalty. You may also go back to where the original stroke was taken and only incur a 1 stroke penalty.
With no further business… meeting closed 11.00




Meeting Open : 10.10

Attendance: Geoff Kelleher, Darren Kassis, Bob Williams, Kevan Brake, Henry Ramos, Peter Bacon, Damian Quain, Rod Gilzean

Apologies: Dave Maytom

Gen. Business: Geoff presented an updated Financial Report with a current balance of $10,732. Geoff also presented a projected list of expenses to be incurred through to the end of the year.

Geoff also had a number of items to bring to committee`s attention. All items listed were addressed.

Meeting closed: 10.40




Meeting Open 10.30

Attendance: Geoff Kelleher, Dave Maytom, Bob Williams, Henry Ramos, Rod Gilzean

Apologies: Damian Quain, Peter Bacon, Kevan Brake, Darren Kassis

Reports: Geoff advised a Bank Balance of $8000, with only end of year trophies and prizes to be deducted from that.

General Business: John Watts eligibility to play in the upcoming Club Championship. With no dissenting argument it was agreed John be eligible to compete.

The recent Ambrose event, where a trial was run with the counting of putts, produced a variety of comments and discussion. As a result, the counting of putts in an Ambrose event will NO longer occur.

Meeting closed 10.50




Meeting Open: 10.05

Attendance: Geoff Kelleher, Dave Maytom, Rod Gilzean, Henry Ramos, Damian Quain, Bob Williams, Kevan Brake, Darren Kassis, Peter Bacon.


General Business: Darren suggested a roster for BBQ clean up on Medal Day. After much discussion, acknowledging the merit of the suggestion, it was decided to keep the current volunteer roster as there are too many variables implementing a set roster. (This was readdressed at the AGM on 6/3/2021 and decided to implement this on a trial basis) 

Rod was concerned with recent low attendances on comp days. After some discussion, it was decided less than 12 players would be one grade only, pending financial investigation by Geoff. ( Geoff has since advised no financial issue from that decision ). Also, Geoff will look into posting our Saturday results in the Bankstown Torch along with an ad to generate new members.

Dave suggested a change to the Eagle`s Nest on 9th hole. The current 30cm will remain, but the suggestion is to have 1/3 of the prize be awarded if the ball lands between 30cm and 1 metre. There would have to be a minimum amount of 100 balls in the kitty before the 1 metre takes effect. (Decided at May Medal day)

Bob asked if there could be a Runner Up prize for the 2Ball Agg. Championship as all other Championship events have a Runner Up prize. Geoff said yes, that extra prizes could be handled in the prize budget.

Meeting closed: 10.25




Meeting Open 10.40

APOLOGIES: D Quain W Hampton
ADOPTION OF MINUTES 2018 AGM: Moved by K Brake Seconded by K Ibbett
SECRETARY`S REPORT: Moved by D Maytom Seconded by K Brake
TREASURER`S REPORT: moved by R Gilzean Seconded by K Brake
CAPTAIN`S REPORT: moved by D Kassis Seconded by K Ibbett
NOMINATIONS FOR PRESIDENT: D Quain, elected unopposed
NOMINATIONS FOR SECRETARY: R Gilzean, elected unopposed
NOMINATIONS FOR ASST.SECRETARY: B Williams, elected unopposed
NOMINATIONS FOR TREASURER: G Kelleher, elected unopposed
NOMINATIONS FOR CLUB CAPTAIN: G Kelleher, elected unopposed
NOMINATIONS FOR VICE CAPTAIN: D Maytom, elected unopposed
NOMINATIONS FOR SCORECARD SCRUTINEERS: D Maytom and B Williams, elected unopposed
NOMINATIONS FOR CATERER: P Bacon, elected unopposed
NOMINATIONS FOR GENERAL COMMITTEE: E Ramos, D Kassis and K Brake, all elected unopposed
GENERAL BUSINESS: No general business




Present: Geoff Kelleher, Wayne Hampton, Damian Quain, Peter Bacon, Bob Williams, David Maytom, Rod Gilzean

Apologies: Carmelo Ramos, Kevan Brake

Items for discussion: 1. Geoff presented a Bank Statement and with cash in hand our current financial position is $10,336.98 which, not withstanding Presentation Night and Trophies, still places the Club in a fairly healthy state.

  1. Amongst the changes to some rules from Jan. 2019 there is to be a new additional form of stroke play: a player`s score for each hole is capped at a maximum set by the Committee. After some discussion it was decided for Sefton Golf Club to be “ no change for stroke scoring”.

3.The draw for 2019 was presented with 4 options. Option 4 was decided upon for next year.

Meeting closed 10.35




Present: Damian Quain, Geoff Kelleher, Bob Williams, Kevan Brake, Rod Gilzean

Apologies: Carmello Ramos, Peter Bacon, Darren Kassis, Dave Maytom

Items for discussion: Geoff advised the current balance of Club funds is $10311 with only an insurance premium due . Even allowing for our new vests and end of year expenses the Club is still travelling very well. The previous Saturday , Aug. 18 Geoff canvassed a majority of members regarding the Club making a donation to the Farmers Drought Relief Fund. All agreed and a sum of $300 will be donated.

A clarification was sought regarding the Money Hole during Foursomes Competition….. Every player who is eligible tees off on the Money Hole for a chance to win the cash.

Preferred lies were raised again. Geoff pointed out at a previous Medal Day Presentation the issue was raised and after some discussion the members present voted to have preferred lies on the fairway only.

New Rules of Golf will begin from January 1 2019. The Club will be issued with new booklets in September along with some books regarding Guidelines to the New Rules. The new Rules are designed to simplify some Rules as well as speed up play.

Meeting closed  10.40




Present: Geoff Kelleher, Darren Kassis, Bob Williams, Wayne Hampton, Carmelo Ramos, Rod Gilzean

Apologies: Damian Quain, Dave Maytom, Peter Bacon

Items for discussion: Geoff presented a current Balance Sheet and stock in hand.

Bank Balance $8843.12

Cash in hand $ 946.96

Total                 $9787.08

Stock held for BBQ`s, prizes and other events.

7x cartons Extra Dry Beer

17doz. Golf Balls (with more to come)

3doz. Bottles Mixed Wine

All agreed the Club is travelling very well considering we are not half way through the year.

Geoff also brought up the possibility of vests for members. Committee agreed to look into the type of vests available and if possible obtain some sample garments for our appraisal. Rod volunteered to see a local supplier and report back ASAP.

Rod reported 7 members of our club competed in the recent NSW Par 3 Championship held at Sefton Golf Course. With a field of nearly 80 our members acquitted themselves pretty well.

Meeting closed 11.05





APOLOGIES: Ken Ibbett, Trevor Carr and Chris Howarth

ADOPTION MINUTES 2017 AGM: Moved to accept, Dave Maytom  Seconded Kevan Brake: Accepted by all

BUSINESS ARISING FROM 2017 MINUTES: No business arising

PRESIDENT`S REPORT: Delivered verbally. Moved to accept, Rod Gilzean Seconded Dave Maytom: Accepted by all

SECRETARY`S REPORT: Handed out to read. Moved to accept, Wayne Hampton Seconded Dave Maytom: Accepted by all

TREASURER`S REPORT: Handed out to peruse. Moved to accept, Dave Maytom Seconded Jack Hampton: Accepted by all

CAPTAIN`S REPORT: Delivered verbally. Moved to accept, Rod Gilzean Seconded Darren Kassis: Accepted by all


NOMINATION FOR PRESIDENT: Damian Quain and Dave Maytom. Dave declined to stand. Damian Quain elected unopposed.

NOMINATION FOR SECRETARY: 1 nomination for Rod Gilzean, which he accepted and duly elected.

The Chairman explained to the meeting that Rod would not always be available and requested the members agree to have an Assistant Secretary to cover in Rod`s absence. The meeting readily agreed.

NOMINATION FOR ASSISTANT SECRETARY: 1 nomination for Bob Williams, which he accepted and duly elected.

NOMINATION FOR TREASURER: 1 nomination for Geoff Kelleher, which he accepted and duly elected.

NOMINATION FOR CAPTAIN: 1 nomination for Geoff Kelleher, which he accepted and duly elected.

NOMINATION FOR VICE CAPTAIN: 1 nomination for Wayne Hampton, which he accepted and duly elected.

NOMINATION FOR CATERER: 1 nomination for Peter Bacon, which he accepted and duly elected.

NOMINATION FOR COMMITTEE: 1 nomination each for Dave Maytom, Carmelo Ramos, Kevan Brake Darren Kassis and Peter Bacon , who all accepted and duly elected.

GENERAL BUSINESS: It has been proposed the now appointed position of scorecard scrutineer be an elected position. Moved by Geoff Kelleher, Seconded Damian Quain and accepted by all.

Dave Maytom was nominated for the position of Scorecard Scrutineer By Geoff Kelleher , Seconded by Rod Gilzean which he accepted and was duly elected.















Present: Kevan Brake, Carmelo Ramos, Wayne Hampton, Peter Bacon, Geoff Kelleher, Bob Walker, Bob Williams, Rod Gilzean

Apologies: Damian Quain

Items for discussion: 1- It was suggested due to hot ,dry conditions and bare patches on fairways that preferred lies be allowed. The committee rejected the request and stated that “ play it as it lies “ will prevail unless a local rule states differently on the day.

2- Geoff submitted a revised score card for our perusal. All present approved the changes and Geoff will now send it off to the printer to be updated.

With no further business,

Meeting closed 10.35




Present: Bob Walker, Damian Quain, Kevan Brake, Carmelo Ramos, Geoff Kelleher, Rod Gilzean

Apologies: Peter Bacon, Bob Williams and Wayne Hampton

Items for discussion:

A new procedure has been introduced by Golf Australia for deciding a result on a countback. Rod asked the Committee to accept this procedure and adopt it forthwith. The procedure was accepted .

Our current score cards will soon be due for reprinting. Rod handed out a score card to every member present and asked them to review it in view of any amendments that may be required to the new card. Cards to be returned to either Geoff or Rod in a few weeks time in order for changes to be updated.

Geoff advised the Committee he would not be able to attend the Presentation Night due to a prior engagement. Rod had previously advised his non attendance as well. Geoff approached the 3 Swallows Hotel re alternative dates and fortunately Sat. December 9 is available. Geoff sought the Committee`s approval to confirm the change of date . Approval was granted without question. Rod will post a notice re this change and ask Bob Williams to place a notice on our website.

With no further business,

Meeting closed 10.25.




Present: Geoff Kelleher, Wayne Hampton, Rod Gilzean, Robert Williams, Peter Bacon, Kevan Brake, Damian Quain, Carmelo Ramos

Apologies: Bob Walker.

Items for discussion:

Peter raised a situation which arose during the day`s event. That being, his ball at rest on the fairway was struck by another ball and knocked into a bunker. What is the ruling?

Rule 18 Ball at Rest Moved. – 18-5 by Another Ball. If a ball in play and at rest is moved by another ball in motion after a stroke, the moved ball must be replaced.

Rod raised the possibility of increasing our weekly green fees as Council has increased their green fee charges across the board from July 1. Geoff stated, as our Bank Balance is quite healthy, the club could absorb the increase for this year. After some discussion, it was moved that green fees remain as is but prize money be increased from $30 to $40 as of July 1 Medal Day. The meeting agreed to accept that proposal.

With no further business,

Meeting closed at 11.30




Present : Damian Quain, Kevan Brake, Bob Williams, Bob Walker, Carmelo Ramos, Rod Gilzean, Geoff Kelleher.

Apologies: Wayne Hampton

Items for discussion: Moved from the AGM for Committee, the possible increase in prizemoney. Considering Geoff`s recent tragic circumstances it was decided to defer this subject to the next meeting.

Trialing of holes 8 & 16 on Medal days as additional NTP`s. Working well with no adverse comments.

Robert Williams proposed 3 permanent NTP`s being 8, 12 & 16 with the 4th NTP to be rotated as at present. After some discussion it was decided : if, after trialling, the 8th and 16th holes are accepted as additional NTP`s, the other 2 NTP`s will remain rotational. When they clash with the Money Hole (17th) the Money Hole will move to the 16th. Hole 6 and 18 will be in the mix.

In the absence of committee members after golf last Saturday (March 22 ) Geoff and Rod made an Executive decision for the Club to make a donation to the Chris O`Brien Lifehouse. This Committee fully endorsed that decision.

With no further business,

Meeting closed 11.00

Additional to above, it was decided on Sat 06/05/17 that 8th and 16th holes be added on a permanent basis. When Money Hole moves to 16th the alternate NTP will be the 12th hole. When 8th hole is in rotation, the alternate NTP will be the 5th hole.




Present: Damian Quain, Peter Bacon, Carmelo Ramos, Kevan Brake, Geoff Kelleher and Rod Gilzean

Apologies: Bob Walker and Chris Howarth

Items for discussion: Rod raised this on behalf of Dave Maytom, who, when checking the scorecards, is finding many are not filled in correctly. Geoff is having similar problems when double checking the cards prior to entering scores into Golflink. The main area of concern is the Result line – the player must use that line to enter the score for the event being played on the day eg. Stableford event on the day, Stableford score is entered in the Result Line. Kevan suggested a range of sample scorecards be made up with the different event scoring and placed on the notice board.

Rod raised the old chestnut of conceding putts to a fellow competitor aka “ gimmees “. The only time in competition a putt may be conceded is Match Play. So, please, no more gimmees.

Rod also advised the members present he had a preliminary training session with Phil regarding updating and maintaining the club website. Rod will be having ongoing sessions with Phil until Phil deems Rod competent and Rod feels confident to go solo. Phil indicated he would be available in the event of a drama. Rod will keep the Committee updated on his progress.

With no further business,

Meeting closed   10.20




Present: Peter Bacon, Damian Quain, Bob Walker, Carmelo Ramos, Kevan Brake, Geoff Kelleher and Rod Gilzean

Apologies: Chris Howarth, Phil Mangan ( moved to USA )

Items for discussion: Geoff was looking to finalise the draw for next year in order to organise the printing. There had been a suggestion earlier to move the Club Championship away from August as it clashes with the greens being cored and top dressed. It was agreed to move that event to September. Geoff is to consult with the ground staff to establish when their coring program is in 2017 and providing there is no conflict September will be the month for the Championship. It is hoped Geoff will have some clarification at the November Medal Day.

Rod made note of Phil leaving the Club to move to the USA. Phil, having set up and maintained our website is prepared to still maintain the site ( but not indefinitely ) until he can train someone up to update the site. Damian and Rod tentatively put up theirs with Damian saying his business may interfere at times. At this stage Rod appears to be a candidate. After Rod is competent and confident he will then train another member or possibly two to be back ups. Rod will be in touch with Phil to see how this can be achieved.

With no further business,

Meeting closed   10.40




Present: Chris Howarth, Damian Quain, Geoff Kelleher, Rod Gilzean, Peter Bacon, Kevan Brake, Carmelo Ramos,

Apologies: Phil Mangan and Bob Walker

There were issues arising from the previous decision to restrict practice on the course to a designated area on the south side of the 10th tee ie. ground not level and uneven surface. Also, players on the chipping green were potentially at risk of being hit. A proposal to allow the 10th tee to be used to warm up ( provided balls are directed at the dam ) was accepted.

Two further issue were raised for discussion:

1 – Use of carts by members during club competition. Golf NSW advised there is no Rule regarding this, it is a Club Committee decision. In view of this it was proposed all Championship events ( Match Play, Foursomes, Aggregate and Club Championship over 4 rounds ) would restrict the use of carts in those events. Carts would be allowed with a medical certificate or approval by the Committee. The proposal was accepted. (This was readdressed at the AGM on 6/3/2021 and reverted back to not needing a doctors certificate to use a motorised golf cart in Championship rounds.) 

2 – Size of playing groups. This also is a Club Committee decision. It was accepted whenever possible groups of four would be the norm. A group of five would be split into a three and a two and if it was necessary to have a group of five approval would have to be given by the Course Manager on the day.

Geoff advised we now have a Notice Board for the day`s event, which will have the particular event and any relevant local rules for that day`s play. Eg Preferred lie, tee up, bunker out of play etc. The board will be placed ( dependent on weather ) out near the !st tee or up on the verandah for all to see.

Meeting closed 10.55




Present: Peter Bacon, Carmelo Ramos, Geoff Kelleher, Damian Quain, Bob Walker, Kevan Brake and

Rod Gilzean

Apologies: Phil Mangan and Chris Howarth

Items for discussion: Geoff reported our new score cards were issued and used in today`s competition round. The club`s current bank balance is $8,170. with Insurance ( amount unknown ) the only expense coming up.

The NP`s are now set on a weekly rolling basis ie the Aug Monthly Medal will begin with holes 8 & 18 as NP. When hole 18 is the scheduled NP the Money Hole will move to the 17th .

Also, when playing the 1st from the elevated area ( in reg. comp, championship events or medal days) it will now be a drive & chip. To clarify, when any event is being played for a trophy or medal the back plates are to be played from and all Handicaps remain the same throughout that particular competition. Tee times- From September to the end of December this year tee off will be 6.30am and from January 7 2017 tee off will be 7.00am for the rest of the year. (note change at bottom of minutes)

Peter suggested all Championship final rounds be played with the 2 leaders in A & B grade tee off in the last group and the preceding groups cascading down. The meeting agreed to adopt the suggestion.

Damian asked when playing off the back plate on the 6 th tee if we could have temporary markers forward of the bare ground around the back plate area. The meeting agreed and the first group will now take 2 temp. markers to place in a better position and the last group will pick them up. ( Geoff generously offered to supply the temp. markers )

Rod noted the new shirts and jackets have been very well received especially the jackets during this recent cold weather.

Rod also raised the subject of practice on the course prior to the day`s competition round. As the club is a member of Golf NSW we are obliged to operate within their Rules and Regulations, which includes the Rules of Golf. Rule 7-1 prohibits any competitor from practicing on the course or testing the surface of any putting green on the day of competition. The penalty for breach of this rule is DQ. The meeting agreed to uphold this Rule and added with 2 practice greens and driving nets there is ample opportunity to warm up. Please note- this will be discussed at Medal Day presentation and enacted from that point on.

Rod also mentioned Golf NSW is running Rules of Golf Seminars in August at Dunheved on 16th and Liverpool on 23rd . Any club member interested please see Rod to organise registration.

Meeting closed 11.30

Sat. 6/8/2016 At the Medal Day presentation these minutes were presented to the members. The subject of practice on the course raised some discussion. As a result a compromise was put forward, that being, driving would be allowed into the dam from the grassed area on the South side of the 10th tee, bearing in mind, as always, the safety of others in the vicinity. All members present agreed to this amendment. Also, tee times for 2017 have reverted to 06.30 due to a mix up in the club house

booking sheets




Present: Phil Mangan, Peter Bacon, Bob Walker, Damian Quain, Carmelo Ramos, Chris Howarth, Kevan Brake, Geoff Kelleher and Rod Gilzean

Items for discussion: Rod raised the old chestnut of the cleaning of the BBQ and utensils after Medal Day BBQ`s. It generally falls back to the same members most times to clean up. Rather than draw up a roster, which could be cumbersome, it was suggested that we call for volunteers, after Medal Day presentation, for the following Medal Day. Peter Bacon and Kevan Brake volunteered for the June Medal Day BBQ. For those not familiar with the procedure ,the hotplates are fairly straightforward, but the cooking utensils can be washed up in the Clubhouse kitchen. We all enjoy the BBQ`s our club provides so if we all contribute it lightens the load.

Damian was seeking clarification on tee positions during major events. Answer: When playing for a Trophy or a Medal we tee off from the back plates.

Geoff reported as at 1/5/2016 our Bank Balance was $8190.79. The new shirts have arrived and subject to the correct sizes as per the order, Geoff will be issuing them at the June Medal Day.Mention was also made of our new web site which is growing in content and our thanks to Phil for maintaining the site. Members are encouraged to see Phil regarding items to be included on the site. It is hoped to soon have some regular additions to the Rules and Etiquette section with the occasional Rules Quiz to test your knowledge.





Present: Phil Mangan, Damian Quain, Peter Bacon, Bob Walker, Carmelo Ramos,Rod Gilzean,Geoff Kelleher.

Absent: Chris Howarth

Items for discussion: Phil advised he has completed setting up the website and is now up and running. Currently the site is still fairly basic but as new information is supplied and entered it is expected to be of benefit to all members within a few weeks. Members will be encouraged to offer any ideas regarding content of their website.

Damian is seeking clarification regarding GUR on the 1st hole. Damian also queried the situation with sand or lack of in bunkers. The bunker situation may well be resolved soon as some of the bunkers have been topped up over recent weeks. We are hoping all bunkers will be attended to.

Rod suggested Dave Maytom be approached to see if he would be willing to be the official scorecard reviewer ( as he does it now in an unofficial capacity ). There were no objections from the committee. Rod would also like to encourage all members to be a little more familiar with the Rules of Golf. With our new website there is scope to bring aspects of the Rules to members in an easier format. Rod also asked whether members of other clubs could play in our comp. events, provided they had a AGU handicap. No objections, provided they paid the appropriate green fee.

Geoff reported our new shirts should be available by mid April, courtesy of our three sponsors: Brydens Lawyers   $1500 , $1000 & Excell Plant Hire $600. Our thanks to those three sponsors.

Bob has some concerns regarding Kiwi numbers for the Capper Cup in May. Both Bob and Peter ( in recent years ) have been instrumental in recruiting Kiwis for our annual challenge. They are not getting commitments at this stage and fear they may have to cancel this year`s event. They both will report back on Medal day with any progress.

Peter reported he was stocking up on supplies this coming week for our BBQ days and was given some items to add to his shopping list.